ZizameleZizamele Ceramics aims to create art that makes a difference to the buyer as well as the artist.

Zizamele Ceramics is a small business with a training wing based in Cape Town, South Africa, that trains previously unemployed artists in ceramic creation, life skills and business management.

While South Africa has no shortage of extremely talented artists, the challenge lies in finding ways for them to use these raw skills to create a better life and a sustainable income. This is where Zizamele comes in.

Zizamele artists create highly sought after and collectable ceramic pieces that can now be found in homes, offices and galleries around the world. buyers of Zizamele’s award winning pieces range from the Office of the Premier of the Western Cape to gift and curio shops around South Africa and even international stores.



A beautiful tent card with information about the artist is included with every purchase.



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