8 Lady Bambanani Bowl – White


Stunningly Beautiful! Simply Exquisite 8 Lady Bambanani Bowl – White porcelain ceramic bowl adorned using an appealing white on white design. The fact that it goes with any decor is a plus. Handcrafted one of a kind hand-made ceramic bowls, all are hand painted by the women artists from the local Xhosa tribe, talented artists in South Africa. Read more below.

Measures: 13″ across x 9″ deep

Each piece is signed and dated by the Zizamele artist.

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Product Description

Stunningly Beautiful 8 Lady Bambanani Bowl – White porcelain ceramic bowl adorned using an appealing white on white design. The fact that it goes with any decor is a plus. Handcrafted one of a kind hand-made ceramic bowls, adoringly hand-painted by the local Xhosa women – talented artists in South Africa. Every piece is then glazed and kiln fired to a lovely finish. The quality is outstanding and makes a great birthday gift for anyone or any special occasion. The Bambanani bowls are South Africa’s adaptation of the well-liked Friendship Bowls and are offered in assortment of colors and sizes. Displaying a grouping of Women in white on white dresses, holding hands in support of one another. Dressed up in the traditional South African head scarf, synonymous with Xhosa women. Take a close look and you will observe the ladies have a bodice blanket with her child upon her back; this is traditionally how South African infants are generally carried. All the Zizamele artists are actually Xhosa women of the local tribe in South Africa. Just a little Xhosa Tribe historic past: The most famous fellow member associated with the Xhosa tribe, is Mr. Nelson Mandela.

8 Lady Bambanani Bowl – White  13″ across x 9″ in depth

Every product is signed by the artist and dated.

Further Information about the exquisite Bambanani Products.

Several Sizes and colors – If you like our 8 Lady Bowls (available in almost a dozen distinctive color styles), be sure and look for the eight lady and also 12 lady Bowls (sold in eight hues) additionally, the very highly in demand Fourteen Lady Bambanani Bowl, art pieces, museum quality (sold in just 3 colours currently) and always sell out quickly each time they happen to be showcased anyplace.

The very large Bowls featuring 14 Ladies measure 17″ in width and are 12 inches deep, are definite treasures and are usually purchased within just 12-24 hours when shown in the reception lobby of a hotel or gift store, an art gallery opening or exposition all over the world, whether being acquired for interior decoration or maybe for a centerpiece of a company office entrance hall area, or placed into Galleries and museums which has an African Art dedicated section–these particular pieces are grand and therefore authentic special gems!

Delightful as Gift ideas

If you’re looking to get the best quality creative hand-crafted gifts, they make an incredible hostess or host gift, executive gift idea or prize. Perfect for birthday celebrations, wedding anniversary, bridal shower, wedding, and Christmas presents.

Women can easily empower a number of other Women of all ages.

Demonstrate your support and encouragement today. Shop for Bambanani Fair Trade Goods in our Store. 

Each of the items on our website are fairtraded goods and merchandise and help the lovely South African ladies and artists enjoy a better way of life not to mention acquire a maintainable source of income as artisans. 

Highly Sought After Pieces and Complimenting Products

The collectible Bambanani platters, bowls, and beautiful tall candle holders are found in art galleries, special museums, establishments, and homes across the world.  Buy one for a sister, friend, loved one, or business associate and purchase at least one or possibly a set for yourself.  Complimenting Products include the eight and ten lady Platters purchasable in 5 colorings and the two and three Lady Large Candle stick Holders (sold in 5 various colours). The look is utterly amazing when used as accent pieces or arranged along with your bowl in a grouping.

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Dimensions 13 x 13 x 9 in


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