12 Lady Bambanani Bowl – Fall


Enchanting ceramic 12 Lady Bambanani Bowl – Fall multi-color accented with vivid colors and designs. Handcrafted pottery bowls created by South African artisans. Every piece is hand painted.  Read more below.

Each bowl is dated and signed by the artist.

Purchase authentic South African Women’s Friendship Bowls

Bowl Specifications: 15″ diameter x 9″ high


Product Description

Enchanting ceramic 12 Lady Bambanani Bowl – Fall multi-color accented with vivid colors and designs. Handcrafted pottery bowls created by South African artisans. Every piece is hand painted, glazed and kiln fired to an enchanting finished look. The high quality is outstanding. The 12 Lady Bambanani bowl is South Africa’s version of the celebrated Friendship Bowls and come in various colors and sizes. Each individual bowl consists of a group of Women in vibrant colored traditional garments wearing a matching head scarf. Across the dress bodice you will see a baby blanket holding a child on her back, which is generally how African infants are toted. All of the Zizamele artisans are women from the local Xhosa tribe. A bit of South African historical past – Mandela is regarded as the widely recognized member associated with the Xhosa tribe. 

Design of the 12 Lady Bambanani Bowl – Fall Friendship Bowl – The hand-thrown pottery bowl has a circle of twelve hand made clay women figures all around the rim, gentle looking but strong. The women gracefully clutching hands surrounding the edge of the bowl represent a depiction “Today we are much stronger united than separate.” Women can help empower other Women – A true motivation for women helping women in South Africa and the world.

Each bowl is dated and signed by the artist – Purchase an authentic South African Women Friendship Bowl

Bowl Specifications: 15″ diameter x 9″ high

Gift giving – If you are looking to find the best top notch one-of-a-kind hand crafted gifts the 12 Lady Bambanani Bowl makes for an enchanting gift. Your friends and family will love them too! The fact that each piece is hand crafted and never factory produced by the hundreds–rest assured you’ll certainly be pleased with the high quality and purchase that we can promise! These make great anniversary, housewarming, holiday, and corporate business or awards gifts too.

BAMBANANI TREASURE: You may additionally be very interested in the tremendously sought-after very large 14 lady Bambanani bowls. Widely known as museum top quality pieces of art they go almost immediately every single time they are exhibited anywhere all over the world. The 14 Lady bowls are genuine treasures and are frequently bought within 12 to 48 hrs. every time revealed at an expo. Fabulous to include to your own home décor or showcase element for a building reception area. Many are chosen for placing within museums having an African Art section they are very large as well as genuine beauties!

An assortment of Colors, Themes, Sizes, and Accompanying Items

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  • 6 Lady Bowls (offered in 10 color themes)
  • 8 and 12 Lady Bowls (offered in 8 color themes)
  • 14 Lady Bowls (offered in 3 color themes)
  • 8 Lady and 10 Lady Platters (offered in 5 color themes)
  • two and three Lady Candlesticks (offered in 6 color themes)

Fair Trade Merchandise and Collectibles – All of our Fair trade products make it possible for the South African ladies and artists have a lot better everyday life and achieve a self-sufficient income source.

These distinctive items of handcrafted pottery designed by the talented artisans of Zizamele Ceramics studio in South Africa are becoming enormously internationally recognized. The collectable Bambanani bowls, candlesticks, and platters can be found in art galleries, museums, office buildings, and homes around the globe.

Treat yourself and purchase one for a close friend or dear relative. 

Show your Support Right now – Encouraging South African Artists, Women, as well as the Practices of Fair Trade is our vision and goal! If possible be a part of helping each of these women to develop a better future.

Additional Information

Weight 7.1 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 9 in


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