Meg Ploughman - South African ArtistMeg Plougmann

Meg graduated in Jewelry Design and Manufacture from the Ruth Prowse School of Art in 1997.  She taught classes for Ruth Prowse and privately from her studio.  She worked as a designer for large jewelry manufacturing companies, exclusive designer stores and on a freelance basis for private clients.  After starting a family she looked for new artistic challenges and over a few years developed Constellation Lights.

Repurposed lithographic printing plates are used in making each individual product.  Every plate is carefully prepared before it is ready, measured and sized to each specific design. Meg lives in Cape Town, South Africa and is surrounded by oceans and beautiful mountain ranges that she loves to explore as often as she can. Nature is her inspiration and she has a great respect for it…one of the reasons she is passionate about helping to better our environment and produce beautiful sustainable products.

A template is used as a design guide and every single hole is drilled by hand. The utmost care is taken to be as accurate as possible but the human factor adds a special hand made quality to each unique piece.  Beads are added for color and to enhance design detail.

The name Constellation comes from the effect of the lights when switched on, how each point of light looks like a star.  Meg loves what she does and hopes that it shines through in her work. She believes in the potential of her product and and hopes that through job creation she can share her skills and knowledge to uplift and educate others.

Meg hopes you will enjoy her handiwork as much as she has enjoyed the process of creating it.

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