About Handcrafted Imports

With offices in New York and Cape Town, Handcrafted Imports brings the awesome beauty and creativity of the most talented artists in South Africa to your doorstep in the USA.

When you order from our extensive collection, you will not only bring an exquisite work of art into your home, you will improve lives and the economy of South Africa. Every artist we work with practices Fair Trade and provides a fair wage and important training to their staff. You can be assured that each and every item is handmade and unique.

Each work of art displayed on our website has been imported and is ready for immediate shipping from our warehouse in the USA. In addition, each of our artists will create a custom order upon request. Just contact us and we will put you directly in touch with the artist you wish to work with.

Wholesale accounts are available to select retailers and museums. Corporate gifts will be gladly accommodated.

We guarantee you will be pleased with your acquisition and look forward to working with you.

Eleanor Poppe
New York

Etienne Pieterse
Cape Town

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